DEMAC Circular Tubes

Circular hollow sections, also known as round steel tubes, are a common type of steel section that is used in a variety of formats over various industries in India.

These steel sections are rolled from steel sheet or slit coil. The slit strip of steel coil goes through a forming and sizing section in a normal cold forming steel mill. The mill consists of a number of passes through which the sheet is gradually formed, each pass bending the steel sheet more and changing the radius on each pass. This is done until the two ends of the steel is pressed together and then welded inline.

Application of DEMAC Circular tube includes

  • Truss Works
  • Gate Structures
  • Rollers
  • Shafts
  • Bushings
  • And more

DEMAC Rectangular Tubes

Hot rolled rectangular steel tube is ideal for structural applications, general fabrication, repairs and manufacturing. Its box-shape design allows for increased strength and rigidity over other shapes of hot rolled steel. Hot rolled rectangular steel tube is easy to cut, weld, form and machine.

DEMAC Steel rectangular tube is a versatile solution for:

  • Building construction/architecture
  • Automobiles and related equipment (trailers, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment
  • Solar panel frames
  • Home appliances
  • Aircraft/aerospace
  • Restaurant furniture & décor
  • Signage
  • Truck beds
  • Agricultural equipment

DEMAC Square Tubes

DEMAC square steel tubing is valued for its overall strength, durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and a wide range of elements. Square steel tubing is regularly used for domestic and industrial applications and is easily welded, formed and drilled. Measurement considerations for hot rolled steel tubing include size, length, and wall thickness.

Applications for DEMAC square steel tube include:

  • Truck beds
  • Trailer beds and components
  • Frames
  • Machine parts
  • Furniture
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Safety and deck rails
  • Appliances